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I honestly expected the worst to befall my mother and I as we hunted for any apartment so I could keep my job and remain stable with my income. We spent restless nights at the hotel searching as we repaired my car, fixed my moving issues and fought our anxieties. There was nothing. With a week almost completely gone there were only 3 days left till mother had to return home to the rest of my dear family. On the last night I was welcomed by honey's surturthewolflordfamily. He and I searched for possible places hoping for something good. we found some options but they were too far away. Before mother and I left after diner we found a possibility from craigslist. I hugged him hoping for it to go well as I shivered close to an anxiety attack. That night we got a call from the guy that we last saw the place. It was sadly small but he was willing to help us. His friend was renting out a room at his apartment cheap and it included free utilities. He excepted the payment and had us wait. We luckily found me a new home to remain in with no lease and a respectable neighborhood unlike the others that were in disgusting ghettos. With that gone I had to wait two more days. The apartment owner reconfirmed with me to just bring my stuff in since the deposit let him reserve the placement to me and he will not be accepting anyone else. He wanted to help. So I moved in most of my things only to later return with my mother to the hotel for one last night. We sat and laid in bed together, hugging while watching funny movies and interesting documentaries as I held my mother in a warm hug. We prayed, had tea and slept that night at ease for once yet tears came down my eyes. 

The next day, I awoke with my mother ready for her flights, she set up an Über to pick her up at 6AM. We got ready and spent the next two ours together having a coffee and reading the news. She presented me with a Gift. It was a box of cologne and the new Harry Potter book by JK based on her script for the next decade after the books. I couldn't take it anymore. I embraced my mother in tears. She was going to leave me and return to the family while I will be on my own again. By God she saved me as did the rest of you that helped me but this was my beloved mother. I missed her for so long. She was finally here yet now soon to be gone again. I love her to no end and pain. I could not stop my sobbing as the tears began to burn the skin on my cheeks. She prayed with me one more time.

The Über came and mom had to leave. We crossed arms one last time as I rolled her baggage with her. We said our good byes as the van left the hotel. My heart started to ache again on my way to the hotel room. Every step gained more weight, the closer I got to the door. I opened the door to my room to see my belongings packed and ready. With the TV on I laid on the bed my mother was on. I could still smell her hair on the pillow and sheets. Her scent... I broke down again in tears missing mother. After A long hour or two I regained my composer and left to visit surturthewolflord to remain the second and third day so the housing contract could pass and I could switch the loaned car with my own now that it was repaired. 

I do not deserve any of this yet here I am still surviving by those I care for.
I still feel thee tears begging to rupture out of my eyes yet I no longer suffer the anxieties anymore.
What I am trying to say is that I am safe for now and I love my mother yet I miss her too dearly that it leaves me dreary.

I love you mom...
I am proud to be her son and I pray I make her proud.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I love my family and friends. That is all you need to know.
Love for my family, friends, Dreams and my people... That is what lets me go on. I have suffered so much yet without this pain, I would not be me. I walk on with faith and my sword both held high.

Its my code and I think it expresses me well. I care for all who I know and I will not leave a friend behind.

I've been through a lot in my life and too be honest, I cant help but be grateful for what I have and what I have learned through all of this. I love the martial arts and the training helps with concentration and a sense of duty so to speak. Yeah, I tend to be a bit of a knight. I stand for all whom I care for.
I love dogs too.

Personal Quote: You are a master of your tongue but a slave to your words.



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